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All-star cheerleading The SQUADS are strictly competition & performance groups. Cheerleading takes dance & gymnastics and combines them into an exciting team sport. During the year, squads concentrate on all elements of cheerleading which is then incorporated into a 2 minute 30 second routine. Cheerleaders will learn tumbling, jumps, motions, pyramids, partner stunts, dance and showmanship. What is expected The Lakers program is a 1 yr commitment. This sport takes dedication not only to a team but to the craft of cheerleading. It will take hard work to become and to remain competition ready. Attendance & Sportsmanship are vital to the success of our squads. Our attendance policy is the same as school sports with the exception that school sports comes first. How far do we travel Although we have gone as far as Florida and Georgia, we mainly compete in our state at one day events which are local and regional competitions located in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus area. However we do attend nationals which are a 2 day event usually at the end of the season. How many competitions or events We average 8-9 competitions a season 1 Nationals (2 day event) 1 or 2 open houses at the gym for family & friends who can't travel to competitions. School Functions. We may participate in 2 or 3 local parades.

How Expensive


Competitive cheerleading can be a costly sport. However, with the payment plans & fundraising opportunities; we can help minimize the financial burden. We have had athletes who participate in each fundraiser and have had very little out-of- pocket expense.


There are 2 basic areas of cost: Fees that are paid directly to the gym, which can include tuition, competition fees, uniforms, make-up, shoes, coaches’ fees, practice clothes etc… 2nd expenses are travel fees...Which are 100% your responsibility and are NOT included in the overall costs of the program. These are additional expenses that can include gas, hotel rooms, spectator fees and food. These are not billed from the gym and will not be included in payment plan.


 We will be offering a 15% discount to anyone who pays their monthly tuition fee in advance in one payment for the entire 12-month season by April 13TH, 2014.



Or you can choose to put a credit card on file for a 5% discount on your monthly tuition.



There are no CUTS made ...any gender, age, size, height or ability level We have a place for you on one of our teams!


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