In order for each child to succeed as an athlete to the best of their abilities we feel it is necessary to assign classes according to skill level so that all participants will be working on similar goals.


If there are not at least 4 athletes per class we may need to combine classes.


Pricing for classes, 1 class per week

Cost is $10.00 per class.

Please sign up in the office or call 419-586-4400

You can also email me at


Privates are available. Privates must be paid for prior to receiving instruction.

Costs are the following:

         $20 for a half hour (split for two people; $10.00 each)

         $35 for an hour (split for two people; $17.50 each)

         $15 each for 3 or more athletes (three or more must do hour privates)


April 9 - May 13

Classes in red are full!

We teach young athletes to... "Be Self Confident, Be Their Best and Have FUN!"


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